How To Do Stamped Cross Stitch?

What is Stamped cross stitch?

The Stamped cross stitch is the cross stitch printed on the cloth. It uses the latest laser technology to completely print the cross-stitch pattern on the embroidery cloth with a special ink to ensure that the pattern is clear and easy to distinguish, 100% accurate and unbiased grid, and the color printed in water will fade.

What is the difference between 11CT and 14CT Stamped Cross Stitch?

CT represents the specifications of cross-stitch cloth. 11CT is medium grid, 14CT is small grid. 14CT generally uses 2 strands, 11CT generally uses 3 strands. Embroider with 14CT cloth and two-strand thread, which is more delicate.
Embroidered with 11CT cloth and three-strand thread, this is suitable for the human eye's resolution, and the three-dimensional effect is also good.



How to embroider?


Step 1: Read Cross Stitch Chart: Cross stitch chart(combination of colors and symbols) tells you where to stitch and what color to use. 

Step 2:Look at the thread markers on the picture first, and prepare the embroidery thread. With the cross-embroidery method, the needle thread comes up from the lower left corner, goes down from the upper right corner, then comes up from the lower right corner, and goes down from the upper left corner.






How to wash cross stitch?

1.Before washing the cross stitch, we must clean our hands to avoid staining the cross stitch. When cleaning, just wash with water, do not dry clean, use cold or warm water.
2.Use cold or warm water with a neutral detergent, and then soak the cross stitch in water for a few minutes. Do not knead or squeeze during cleaning. Just rinse directly until the printing colors disappear, and then rinse with water Again.
3.After the cleaning work is completed, you can take the work out of the water, place it on a clean, white thick towel, and then roll it up and press it to remove the excess water. In order to avoid yellowing due to sun exposure, white cotton cloth or towels should be spread on the top and bottom of the cross stitch during the drying process.
4.Iron it again when it is half wet, but iron it from the back. When ironing, spread a piece of cloth on the table. The cross-stitched fabric is turned upside down. It is best to put a layer of white fabric on top for ironing to avoid ironing damage. In addition, pay attention to the temperature. Don't adjust it high to prevent ironing the fabric.

Things to pay attention to when cleaning cross stitch:

1.Before washing the cross stitch, it is best to soak it in salt water for about 20 minutes. This is mainly to avoid the color fading during the washing and cleaning process.
2.Do not use washing powder in the cleaning process of cross-stitch products, only use liquid detergent or wash clean.
3.If it doesn't work, you can wash it with shower gel, but the disadvantage is that you can't use a brush.
4.After washing and filtering, it is best to put it in the middle of a damp towel or a damp cloth to dry.
5. Never expose to the sun, otherwise it will turn yellow or fade. It is best to dry on the balcony or in a ventilated place.

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