Round Flower Plant 14CT Counted/Stamped Cross Stitch

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Style:  Yellow Bud Flower-25*26CM
Style-02:  Stamped
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Material: cotton
Canvas size:
HA036 HA039 25*26cm/9.84*10.24in
HA037 HA052 HA055 HA059 25*25cm/9.84*9.84in
HA038 26*22cm/10.24*8.66in
HA040 23*28cm/9.06*11.02in
HA041 HA042 HA044 HA058 26*26cm/10.24*10.24in
HA043 HA045 22*22cm/8.66*8.66in
HA046 22*26cm/8.66*10.24in
HA047 22*27cm/8.66*10.63in
HA048 23*26cm/9.06*10.24in
HA049 23*23cm/9.06*9.06in
HA050 21*27cm/8.27*10.63in
HA051 26*27cm/10.24*10.63in
HA053 23*29cm/9.06*11.42in
HA054 23*22cm/9.06*8.66in
HA056 25*28cm/9.84*11.02in
HA057 25*23cm/9.84*9.06in
White edge size: 4cm/1.57in
Cross stitch cloth type: 14CT 2 strands (canvas with printing)
Number of stitches: various embroidery(Multiple: that is, a combination of more than 2 types of needles)

Cleaning Method:
1. Keep your hands clean
2. Soak in warm water for several hours (do not dry clean or bleach, do not rub)
3. If it is not soaked clean, you can change the water for a second soak
4. After rinsing clean, let it dry
5. In order to prevent the thread from being damaged, please use a steam iron to smooth the pattern on the back of the fabric

Not contain frame.
The color block in the drawing does not represent the color of the embroidery thread. Please carefully identify the symbol or the serial number corresponding to the color block, and select the thread number according to the serial number requirements.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:
1 x Embroidered Cloth
2 x Embroidery Needles
1 x Embroidery Thread Set
1 x Manual